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Embedded Programming

We are doing programming of the complex processors and FPGA chips. The biggest challenge is to struct good architecture, in order to make user interaction responsive. Most cases are based on C-programming language, while we are using Labview for FPGA . Additionally we can develop complete “turn-key” test and measurement solution, for…

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Telemetry and SCADA systems

Using the National Instruments platform form making monitoring systems, our company is offering service for creating SCADA systems. They are structured using Labview programming environment. Using the various types of communications all the necessary parameters from machine or power plants or any other type of object that needs to be…

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Mobile App devepolment

Our team owns good knowledge for development of iOS and Android applications. In our past projects we had a chance to create create and develop following type (sections) : shop online, chat, various types of groups and events, payment, GPS location. Some of our projects are connected to custom based APIs, while…

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PCB Prototyping

Creating marketing and conceptual models in electronics is now much more easier to make, while PCB pool services are available worldwide. We can create you schematic and PCB design using ALtium Designer development software. Our main service is to prepare complete documentation including Gerber and BOM files, prepare PCB and…

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MWHome – Home Automation Device

MWHome is product of Microwee d.o.o. Sarajevo company. This device represents the base for making home automation. It can be simply mounted on DIN rail il electrical cabinet. After wiring with home appliances which needs to be controlled, using the App for mobile phones (iOS,Android) each of them can be accessed. This device requires direct connection to home network (wifi router), what is mandatory for sending the data on the server where they will be properly stored for every single user.

1. Control 8 home appliances (up to 3.5kW power)
2. Control 4 luminaries (LED or incandescent)
3. Kontrola temperature i grijanja (do 4 zone)
4. Video nadzor (do 4 IP kamere)

- Mobile App for iOS phones
- Cloud (server) based system
- Remote control using Internet (3G mobile data)

MWhome dokumentacija | MWhome documents


Microwee d.o.o. works on development own solutions for various fileds in market, especially home automation systems. Beside this, most interesting part of our work is Machine Condition Monitoring as well as mobile Apps for iOS and Android devices. We are offering the services fro embedder programming of Linux based systems and 3D modelling in Solid Works. Some of the latest project you can find here.


We have been working on SCADA system for vibration monitoring. System is installed on hydro power plant “Mujakovic” with nominal power of 1466kW. More details is visible from these links, which are written in Bosnian.


We worked with our friends from “Verti” company in order to create a mobile application for Android devices. It is about the smart tag, which use Bluetooth Low Energy chip for communication with owners mobile phone. If you lost your item, with attached “Vert” on itself, you can simply find it…


For our own needs, we developed smart plug module. It can communicate with the user by Bluetooth LE protocol. Beside the simple feature to turn on/off device, module can measure power consumption and present it as numbers using LED display. 90% components are SMD. PCB consists of 4 layers.